How Much Does a Mini Excavator Weigh?

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Do you plan to buy a mini excavator in a short time? Are you on a project site where a standard excavator won’t fit in? Indeed, mini excavators are a perfect choice for individuals and businesses working on small projects such as digging trenches and ditches, home renovations, outdoor landscaping, water line installation, and sewer repairs.

A mini excavator has powerful digging capabilities while being small, allowing hassle-free transportation and offering many other perks. Though you might know the tasks you can do with a mini excavator, do you know how much a mini excavator weighs? Probably not; that’s why you are here!

If you know the operating weight of mini excavators, you can use them to their maximum limits, safely transport the machines from one site to another, and determine whether they’re the right choice for your next project. Let’s take a deep dive into this blog to determine how much a mini excavator weighs without further delay!

1. What is a Mini Excavator?

Mini Excavator Weigh?

A mini excavator, known by many other names, including mini ex, mini digger, small excavator, or mini hoe, is a wheeled or tracked vehicle with a backfill blade and independent boom swing. It is primarily used for projects and jobs where there is a requirement for a machine to be agile in tight spaces.

You will see mini excavators on smaller projects, such as bathroom renovation, digging trenches, installing pools, etc. The only thing that makes these machines popular is their exceptional performance and compact size.

Fact: You might be surprised to know that the smallest mini excavator can fit through a doorway.

2. How Much Does a Mini Excavator Weigh?

Mini Excavator 2,000 to 20,000 pounds is the average weight of mini excavators. The weight of mini excavators also depends on their make, model, and size. These machines come in various sizes, ranging from small to medium to large. The small machine will have the lowest operating weight, while the large machine will have the highest (which is obvious). Here’s how you can understand it easily: –
Mini Excavator Size Average Weight of Mini Excavators
Small Compact Excavator 2,000-10,000 pounds
Medium Compact Excavator 10,000-20,000 pounds
Large Compact Excavator 20,000+ pounds

You have to choose a mini excavator that suits the requirements of your next project. Small mini excavators are easier to transport, making them an ideal choice for all the businesses operating in the industry. Transporting these excavators to another site requires less effort and a small truck, while for a large compact excavator, you need to arrange larger trucks and trailers.

In addition, small mini excavators can operate on soft ground. However, a large, compact excavator will sink and stick to the ground. A heavier machine also needs additional support while working on sloping ground. The operating weight of mini excavators also affects their performance; a heavy-weight excavator can handle more complex tasks compared to lightweight excavators.

Choose a mini excavator according to the requirements of your project; if you need a compact size but with more power, you should buy the largest size. Those requiring decent power but a compact size should go for a small mini excavator.

3. Loaded Weight VS Unloaded Weight

Loaded Weight VS Unloaded Weight

While you’re on this page finding an answer to the question “How much does a mini excavator weigh?” you also must be interested in knowing about loaded weight and unloaded weight. Here’s what you need to know about each: –

  • Loaded Weight is how much the compact excavator weighs when it has an attachment added to it, i.e., a full bucket.
  • Unloaded Weight is how much a mini excavator weighs without carrying any material or attachments added to it.

Each mini excavator has loaded weight limits, and the operator must adhere to them. Negligence can lead to the tipping of the machine, injuries to the operator or the team working on site, or damage to the mini excavator.

4. Attachments for Mini Excavators

Attachments for Mini Excavators

Compact excavators are versatile machines that can be used for a variety of tasks using different attachments available on the market. The operating weight of mini excavators is also affected by the attachments they use for the task being performed. Here are the most common attachments for mini excavators with their weight:

  • Trenching Bunch: 145-290 pounds
  • Auger Attachment: 151-217 pounds
  • Hydraulic Thumb: 60-110 pounds
  • Hydraulic Breaker: 410-1160 pounds

Before you plan to transport or buy any new equipment for your mini excavator, it is essential to determine the weight it will add to the overall weight of the mini excavator. By doing so, you will be able to avoid overloading your mini excavator and reduce the risk of damage to a minimum.

5. Popular Mini Excavators

Popular Mini Excavators

As mentioned above, there are several types of mini excavators on the market from different manufacturers. Though it is difficult to list every mini excavator and its weight in this blog, here are some of the most popular mini excavators and their weights:


With the largest selection of mini excavator models on the market, Bobcat provides machines for decent-sized projects. However, they are not involved in the manufacturing of any large mini excavators. You can choose from mini excavator models with operating weights ranging from 2,500 to 19,600 pounds.

Businesses and individuals willing to buy a mini excavator can turn to Bobcat and find an excavator that will suit their needs perfectly. Here are some of the most popular models of Bobcat Mini Excavators:

Model Weight of Mini Excavator (Pounds) Max Dig Depth Max Dump Height Horsepower
Bobcat E10 2,539 6' 0" 6' 0" 10.2
Bobcat E19 4,147 7' 10" 8' 5" 14.8
Bobcat E20 4,306 8' 5" 8' 10" 13.9
Bobcat E32 8,497 12' 10" 12' 11" 24.8
Bobcat E42 10,666 12' 5" 13' 8" 42.6
Bobcat E50 11,894 12' 8" 13' 11" 49.7
Bobcat E88 19,600 15' 2" 16' 6" 65


Another popular manufacturer of mini excavators is Caterpillar. It offers 18 models to buyers, with the operating weight of mini excavators ranging from 2,300 to over 20,000 pounds. Being the most versatile brand of mini excavators, Caterpillar is an ideal choice for most buyers when it comes to reliable mini excavator buying.

Model Weight of Mini Excavator (Pounds) Max Dig Depth Max Dump Height Horsepower
CAT 300.9D 2,399 5' 8" 6' 6" 13
CAT 301.7 CR 4,222 7' 9" 8' 3" 21
CAT 302.7 CR 6,725 8' 3" 9' 8" 23.6
CAT 303.5 CR 9,239 9' 3" 11' 5" 23.6
CAT 305 CR 12,688 11' 3" 12' 2" 45
CAT 309 CR 21,477 13' 6" 15' 7" 69.5
CAT 310 22,451 17' 1" 19' 2" 69.5


Case could be your go-to brand for buying a reliable mini excavator. This brand manufactures compact excavators with extraordinary build quality and ultimate performance. It has a small selection with an operating weight of mini excavators ranging from 3,000 to 13,000 pounds.

However, Case’s product portfolio has been designed and developed with all types of buyers in mind. Here’s the list of the most popular mini excavators in Case:

Model Weight of Mini Excavator (Pounds) Max Dig Depth Max Dump Height Horsepower
CASE CX15E 3,186 6' 9" 7' 8" 21
CASE CX26C 5,520 8' 8" 9' 11" 24.8
CASE CX37C 8,350 11' 3" 11' 10" 24.4
CASE CX42D 9,259 10' 1" 12' 0" 43.3
CASE CX60C 13,760 13' 1" 13' 5" 64.7


With great dig depth and beating all its competitors, Hitachi manufactures top-notch mini excavators for its beloved customers. The mini excavators of this brand are perfect for small and medium-sized jobs and are especially useful for job sites where there is a need for deep digging without bringing bulky and large excavators. Here are some of the most popular models of Hitachi:

Model Weight of Mini Excavator (Pounds) Max Dig Depth Max Dump Height Horsepower
Hitachi ZX17U-5N 3,790 7' 2" 8' 3" 14.5
Hitachi ZX30U-5N 6,680 9' 2" 10' 6" 23.3
Hitachi ZX35U-5N 7,584 10' 0" 11' 4" 23.3
Hitachi ZX60USB-5N 13,382 12' 4" 13' 8" 53.1
Hitachi ZX85USB-7 19,500 14' 10" 16' 64


Having the second largest selection of mini excavators, JCB is also one of the leading manufacturers of heavy-duty machines. All the models of the JCB come with exceptional dig depth and dump height, whether they are heavy bulldozers or excavators. This brand is well-known for the build quality and top-notch performance of its machines. Here are some of the most popular mini excavator models of JCB:

6. Most Common Uses of Mini Excavators

Most Common Uses of Mini Excavators

With near-zero tail swings, mini excavators become an ideal choice for job sites with limited spaces, requiring a high-performance machine that can easily fit into confined spaces. Compact excavators can be used around structures without posing a threat and trenches can be dug with these machines accurately.

Mini excavators are perfect for digging trenches where there are numerous gas lines buried near the job site. Since they are lightweight machines, it is easy for operators and businesses to transport them from one site to another. Not only this, but these small machines also come with better fuel efficiency and great maneuverability, helping you save time and money at the same time.

Here are some of the most common jobs that a mini excavator can do effortlessly:

  • Renovations
  • Pool Installation
  • Landscaping
  • Tree Harvesting
  • Pipe Repair
  • Small Demolition Jobs
  • Grave Digging

If you plan to try your hands at small projects requiring a powerful machine with great maneuverability and ultimate performance, you can invest your money in a mini excavator and add it to your fleet. You can buy any of the above-listed mini excavators that suit the requirements of your next project perfectly.

Model Weight of Mini Excavator (Pounds) Max Dig Depth Max Dump Height Horsepower
JCB 18Z-1 3,856 8' 5" 8' 7" 15.7
JCB 19C-I 4,211 9' 2" 9' 2" 15.7
JCB 35Z-I 7,840 11' 5" 11' 7" 24.7
JCB 48Z-I 10,565 11' 7" 13' 1" 47.9
JCB 55Z-I 11,830 12' 7" 14' 0" 47.9
JCB 86C-2 18,960 14' 10" 21' 1" 64
JCB 100C-2 21,495 16' 8" 18' 6" 74

7. How Do You Choose the Right Mini Excavator?

How Do You Choose the Right Mini Excavator?

Selecting the right mini excavator could be daunting for the first time when you are blank about their capabilities and haven’t used any before. Some of the most common factors that you should consider before buying a mini excavator include its horsepower, dig depth, dump height, etc. Let’s learn about all these considerations in-depth without further delay!

  • Horsepower: Mini excavators come with a variety of horsepower options, starting at 10 horsepower and going all the way up to 74 horsepower. You should choose a compact excavator with power, considering its intended use and the attachments you need to add to it to perform the tasks.
  • Dig Depth: With the smallest size of the mini excavator, you can dig up to 6 feet, while the larger models allow you to dig up to 16 feet. Take the requirements of your next project into account to choose the right mini excavator that suits your needs.
  • Dump Height: You should also consider the dump height of the mini excavator before you make a decision about buying it. If you have to lift the material high, consider a compact excavator with a great dump height; however, if there is no such requirement, it’s worth going with a standard dump height mini excavator.
  • Attachments: It is advised to buy a mini excavator that supports all the attachments you will need to work with on the project site. Though most compact excavators support almost all the available attachments, it is best if you check your mini excavator’s loaded weight limits to see if they are enough to serve your next project.
  • Boom Type: Generally, you find three types of boom on compact excavators, namely swing, fixed, and knuckle. Choose a mini excavator with a boom that can effortlessly accomplish all the required jobs on the project site.

On the Final Note

A mini excavator is a perfect fit for those projects where there is a need for a machine that can easily fit in confined spaces. However, before investing in a compact excavator, buyers should also be aware of the operating weight of mini excavators; it will help them choose a machine quickly and easily. Also, transportation will become hassle-free when you know how much your mini excavator weighs.

In addition to easy transportation, the risk of injuries and mishaps can also be reduced to a minimum with a manageable weight. This exclusive blog lists some of the most popular mini excavators with their operating weight and considerable factors to consider when selecting the right mini excavator for your next project. So, give this blog a read to get an answer to your most burning question, “How much does a mini excavator weigh?” Stay tuned!!!

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