Best Smart Home Devices for 2024

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Imagine you say, turn off the lights, and the lights turn off. You say, make it warmer, and the temperature increases. You are too tired and don’t want to leave your cozy bed, and you say to turn off the switch, and the equipment turns off in the blink of an eye. You guessed it! Right? We are talking about a smart home!

You can also turn your home into a smart home with some of the best smart home devices for 2023. The smart home device market is brimming with impressive products boasting fantastic features and functions built to make people’s lives easy. Each day, a new and powerful smart home product launches in the market with more advanced features than its predecessors.

That’s the problem most homeowners face when they plan to turn their dream home into a smart home. They get confused about which product to choose and skip over numerous smart home devices. The first rule of thumb is to choose smart home devices that you really need in your house (we’ll talk about that later!).

Keep reading this exclusive blog, as it contains the list of the best smart home devices for 2023 that you can buy and enjoy living in a modern house where things function with your commands.

Best Smart Home Devices to Smarten Your Home

After extensive research and reviewing many smart home devices, we have found some of the best smart home devices to smarten your home in 2023. Let’s dive deep into this exclusive blog to learn about all those smart home devices!

Product Name Voice Assistant Pros Cons
Amazon Echo Studio Alexa New Alexa Features Larger than average
Google Nest Hub Max Google Assistant Excellent Screen No Netflix Support
Nest Learning Thermostat Google Assistant Elegant Design No Zonal Control
August Smart Lock Pro Alexa, Google Assistant and Homekit Responsive and Strong Bulky
Philips Hue Alexa, Google Assistant and Homekit Easy Installation Require Hub
iRobot Roomba 694 Alexa, Google Assistant Amazing Cleaning Too loud
Wemo Smart Plug Alexa, IFTTT Good Scheduling Options No Energy Usage Tracking

1. Amazon Echo Studio

Amazon Echo Studio

Amazon Echo Studio Specifications
Name Amazon Echo Studio
Colours Charcoal, Glacier
Price $155.28
Release Year Sept 2019

If you plan to buy a smart speaker for your smart home, you won’t find a better option than Amazon Echo Studio. You’ll understand why we are saying that. Echo Studio offers audio quality way better than other smart speakers on the market. Though you might have to spend a little bit more to bring this smart audio device into your home, the features it boasts are worth its value, and you won’t regret spending on it.

The 3D audio effects of Amazon Echo Studio will breathe new life into your favourite songs, and you will have a whole new level of experience listening to your favourite songs. You can also connect two echo studio speakers in your room to enjoy stereo sound, and for fuller audio, add the Echo Sub. Since this smart speaker is equipped with a ZigBee hub, it is compatible with thousands of smart home devices, making it the perfect smart speaker for your smart home.

Amazon Echo Studio is a little bit big in size compared to mainstream smart speakers, but that’s not a dealbreaker, we think (at least for most music lovers). Its size could be an issue for all those perfectionists looking for a device that suits their lifestyle or people finding a particular size of a smart speaker. Otherwise, the quality, features, functionality and experience that Echo Studio provides are unparalleled. So, when are you bringing this smart speaker home?

Pros: –

  • New Alexa Features
  • Pocket-friendly product
  • Gigantic, Dolby Atmos Sound

Cons: –

  • Larger than average Echo

2. Google Nest Hub Max

Google Nest Hub Max
Google Nest Hub Max Specifications
Name Google Nest Hub Max
Colours Chalk, Charcoal
Price $189.99
Release Year Sept 2019

Another smart home device that you can buy in 2023 to smarten your home is the Google Nest Hub Max. This device is a smart speaker with a screen and a front-facing camera, allowing you to engage with your loved ones or your friend group through video calls. You can also use the Google Nest Hub Max as a smart home camera by plugging it into the Google-owned Nest platform.

In addition, you can also use your Google Nest Hub Max as a mini Hi-Fi or use the big screen to watch YouTube while you cook and your onions saute. What about using this device as a digital photo frame? Thanks to its display properties, this product can also be used as a digital photo frame. The design of this smart speaker is also fabulous. However, comparing this affordable device to those high-end tablets won’t make sense.

With excellent speech recognition sensitivity, this device can hear and act upon your command promptly. The sound quality of Google Nest Hub Max is great, and it has 18mm tweeters with a 75mm bass driver, offering a perfect bass output for a smart display. This device is an ideal choice for students with cramped flats, owing to its sleek design and small size, similar to an old-generation tablet.

Pros: –

  • Great Screen
  • Music-Friendly Speaker
  • Perfect Design

Cons: –

  • No Netflix Support

3. Nest Learning Thermostats

Nest Learning Thermostats

Nest Learning Thermostat Specifications
Name Nest Learning Thermostat
Colours Stainless Steel, Copper, White, Mirror Black, Polished Steel
Price $179.99
Release Year Oct 2011

Most people think that programmable thermostats are too costly, complicated, or might not go well with their heating system. Nest Learning Thermostat can change your perception completely if you are among those individuals. With this fantastic product by Nest, the heating and cooling system of your home is controlled by Artificial Intelligence, which means the temperature of your home will always be perfect, according to your preferences.

In addition to keeping the temperature of your home perfect, this smart home device also helps you keep electricity costs low. This is due to its capability of helping you use the cooling and heating systems of your home at maximum efficiency. Using this programmable thermostat is not rocket science (like other people say), anyone can leverage the potential of this smart home device.

The Nest Learning Thermostat aligns well with the Google Assistant. However, you won’t find any Homekit support. Also, you won’t get a zonal control system with this smart thermostat, but for most people, all the features might be sufficient that this programmable thermostat boasts. So, if you are looking for a programmable thermostat for your smart home, this device is a must-buy.

Pros: –

  • Elegant Design
  • Easy to Use
  • Intelligent Schedule Adjustment

Cons: –

  • No Zonal Control
  • Incompatible with Apple HomeKit

4. August Smart Lock Pro

August Smart Lock Pro

August Smart Lock Pro Specifications
Name August Smart Lock Pro
Colours Silver
Price $229.99
Release Year May 2013

When you are going to smarten the thermostat, audio, and everything else, how can you forget about the locks and the security system of your home? To smarten the security of your home, invest in the August Smart Lock Pro. It is a nice-looking lock with an easy installation, and using the lock is also straightforward, thanks to the stunning application you connect it with.

You get an overview of your property and security in the application and can lock or unlock your rooms with just a tap. But that’s not all; it’s dream-come-true functionality for those who want to set up the lock and forget about it. Once you automate the security system, your property will be unlocked whenever you come within the set radius of 200 feet.

It means as soon as you get home, your door will be in a ready-to-open position, and you don’t have to fumble for keys when you have to spend a penny (pun intended). What’s more? You are not required to lose access to the conventional key system after installing this fabulous and feature-rich product.

Yes, you heard it right! Even after the installation of this smart lock, you can unlock your home with keys. It will benefit those who live on rent or in a shared room with a person who prefers to use keys instead of a smart security system.

Pros: –

  • Highly Compatible
  • Auto-lock and Unlock
  • Equipped with DoorSense Technology

Cons: –

  • Not that fast smart keypad input

5. Philips Hue

Philips Hue

Philips Hue Specifications
Name Philips Hue
Colours NA
Price $121.99
Release Year Oct 2012

So, you have upgraded the security system, installed a programmable thermostat, and turned your home into a smart home with Amazon’s Echo Studio, but what about the lighting? Here are the best smart light bulbs for all the individuals willing to smarten their lighting system. You can buy Philips Hue smart bulbs that are very simple to install and operate without requiring any technical knowledge.

There is no other product like Philips Hue on the market; the quality, functionality and ease of use this lighting bulb offers to its users are on another level. You get several options in Philips Hue smart lighting, including bulbs, lamps, and lightstraps. The smart bulbs for Philips Hue are available in various sizes that include the following:

  • B22
  • B14
  • E27
  • Gu10

You can control the lighting in your home with the Hue application once you buy and install this product. In addition to just turning off and on the smart bulbs, you also get scheduling options, which means the lights in your home will be turned on and off at the set times, helping you save a lot of energy (that’s the possible reason why people love everything smart) and carbon footprints.

Pros: –

  • Wide Range of Products
  • Compatible with Smart Home Setups
  • Excellent Performance of App

Cons: –

  • Smart bulbs are expensive

6. iRobot Roomba 694

iRobot Roomba 694

iRobot Roomba 694 Specifications
Name iRobot Roomba 694
Colours Charcoal Grey
Price $274.99
Release Year 2020

Cleaning is a task that no one loves and when you are trying to smarten your home, why don’t you buy an iRobot Roomba 694 for automatic floor cleaning of your house? You must buy this product that will rid your floor of dust bunnies without breaking your bank. With an excellent battery life and better performance than its predecessors, it is an ideal product for your house.

Though there are many advanced and more automatic robot vacuums available on the market, the functionality and features the iRobot Roomba 694 offers in its price range make people look nowhere else. Compared to other Roomba vacuum models, this might seem like a not-so-great choice, especially if you have a big house; however, for individuals with a limited budget and medium-sized dwellings, it will work perfectly.

With a three-stage cleaning system, the iRobot Roomba 694 cleans your home well without getting stuck every second minute. Also, it starts focusing on areas that are too filthy and makes sure it is cleaned perfectly before moving on, which makes it stand out from the crowd. If you love interacting with technology, this robotic vacuum works well with Google Assistant and Alexa.

So, whenever you tell your personal cleaner to start cleaning, it will start doing its job, and undoubtedly, it is one of the best smart home devices, along with robot vacuums that clean your floor perfectly without costing you a fortune.

Pros: –

  • Affordable
  • Seamless app setup
  • Scheduled Cleaning

Cons: –

  • Loud
  • No Carrying Handle is Provided

7. Wemo Smart Plug

Wemo Smart Plug

Wemo Smart Plug Specifications
Name Wemo Smart Plug
Colours White
Price $24.99
Release Year Jan 2017

Here comes the last but not least, a smart home device to automate your home and operate everything with your fingertips or voice commands. If you are attempting to make your ordinary home smart, you must begin your journey with a Wemo smart plug. It is an inexpensive smart plug that is easy to install and use and looks like a basic power adapter but boasts fantastic functionality.

With the Wemo Smart Plug, you can control things like coffee makers, lamps, tabletop fans, and other small appliances with your smartphone. You can also turn on and turn off these appliances using voice commands since this amazing product supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. In addition, the scheduling options make this product even more advanced and stunning, allowing you to turn it off and on at a particular time.

All this helps people save energy and eventually money, making this product an ideal investment when you are trying to smarten your home. Not only does it contend when it comes to performance, but it is also a great choice if you talk about the overall design. Though it is a bit wider than other plugs, it’s not a dealbreaker for most homeowners.

Overall, the Wemo Smart Plug is a smart home device that you can buy to turn your ordinary appliances into modern and smart items. You can turn them off or on with just voice commands or using your Android or iOS phone. What else do you want from an affordable smart plug in today’s era?

Pros: –

  • Easy Installation
  • No Hub Required
  • Scheduling Options

Cons: –

  • No Energy Usage Tracking

Things to Consider While Buying Smart Home Devices

From a programmed thermostat to a strong security system, smart home devices have made the lives of homeowners much easier. People can interact with the technology and turn off the appliances, lock their homes, increase/decrease the temperature, or change the lighting colour with voice commands. However, adapting to these technologies requires much effort and you have to figure out many things while investing in a new smart home device. Here are some of the most important considerations while buying a new smart home device in 2023:


You should be mindful while investing your money in smart home devices and ensure that each device works with each other. Otherwise, you will end up having more than ten applications for the management of each smart device. For instance, you will have to download a different application to control the lighting, a different app for thermostats, and so on. Not only is it annoying to open a different application every two minutes, but it will also waste your precious time.


While buying a new smart device, it is quite easy to forget about compatibility. You have to make sure that each device is compatible with your existing smart devices. You won’t be able to navigate your smart devices easily if all of your devices belong to different ecosystems. Another worst thing that could happen is that your new device is not compatible with your smartphone. So, before buying any smart home device, make sure it is compatible with your phone as well as your existing ecosystem.


If you think smart home devices are perfect for automating your home, you might be mistaken. They are far from perfection and you can’t rely on them completely. Set your expectations right! Sometimes you will find yourself dealing with technical glitches while using these smart home devices. So, be ready for such occurrences, as they always come unannounced. Moreover, make sure that there is a way to report all the technical glitches; otherwise, you may have to live with it!


Indeed, smart home devices can make your life easier and faster; however, there will be a learning curve to all your smart home technology. Before your smart home devices start working at their full potential, they will take time to learn about your home. You also have to wait patiently until you get a thorough knowledge of how these devices work and the ways you can increase their efficiency. Don’t expect smart home devices to start working just like you thought the first day; managing expectations is crucial.


If you are planning to invest in smart home devices, keep in mind that smart technology can impact your privacy. However, that doesn’t mean that these devices will expose your personal information, but your buying patterns, credit card details, movements, and more. All these things are made available to marketers, which helps them run highly targeted campaigns. So, make sure you consider the factor of privacy before you buy any smart home device.


Before you buy any smart home device, make sure it has a strong security system without errors or failures that allow hackers to access your data, accounts, and other private information. Not only this, but hackers can also use your smart home devices to break into your home. So, ensure there is no chance of such mishaps and that the security system of your smart home devices can’t be infiltrated.

On the Final Note

Smart home devices can make your life much easier, from cleaning your home to managing its temperature perfectly, helping you save energy and money eventually. However, people who have no smart home devices in their inventory often get confused about where to begin and how to smarten their homes. The rule of thumb is to start with small items, such as Wemo Smart Plugs and then automate everything from cleaning to heating systems.

We have mentioned some of the best smart home devices of 2023 that you can buy to automate your home effortlessly. The smart home devices listed in this blog will suit your budget and are an ideal choice for most users. To learn more about these devices, you can visit their official website. Stay tuned for more such interesting information, blogs, and articles!

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