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Imagine having to clean all the windows of your home or apartment on your own on weekends. You won’t get time for anything else—no scrolling, no Netflix, and no entertainment. But what if you work on weekends just because you weren’t aware of the window cleaning cost in Sydney? Either way, you will have to waste the time that you can leverage to rest and enjoy yourself or your loved ones.

Window cleaning is one of the most essential needs of every home, which is why you must be aware of the latest window cleaning costs in Sydney. The cost of window cleaning is affected by several factors, including the number of windows your home has, their size, the level of cleaning you need, accessibility to the window, and much more.

Let’s take a deep dive into this exclusive blog to determine the factors that affect the cost of window cleaning, the average window cleaning cost in Sydney, the cost of window cleaning for different properties and how you can save money on window cleaning without further delay.

Average Window Cleaning Cost

The residential window cleaning service in Sydney will cost you somewhere between $150 and $330, depending on various factors. These include the height of the building as well as the window type you want your cleaners to clean. The cost of window cleaning may also go up if there is any difficulty involved in the process. Every window cleaning company has different pricing plans, from fixed rates to customised quotes, depending on your property type, size, and height.

Window Cleaning Costs for Different Property Types

Window Cleaning

As mentioned above, the cost of window cleaning in Sydney depends on the type of property you are hiring window cleaners for. Here is the window cleaning cost for different types of properties:

Property Type Average Window Cleaning Cost
Flat $150 to $180
One Storey House $250 to $330
Two Storey House $330 to $400
Medium House $180 to $250
High Rise Buildings $1200

The cost of window cleaning in Sydney is also affected by the type of window you need professionals to clean. Here are some common types of windows and their cost of cleaning in Sydney:

Window Type Average Window Cleaning Cost
Sliding Window $5 per pane
Storm Window $7 per pane
Individual Glass Panels $8 per pane
Large Picture Window $15 per window
Tri-fold Bay Window $28 per window
Note: The tables might not contain accurate information regarding window cleaning costs. For exact rates, connect with your professional window cleaning company in Sydney.

Factors that Affect Window Cleaning Costs

Cost Factors

To estimate window cleaning costs accurately, you must be aware of all the factors that influence window cleaning costs. Here are the most common factors that affect window cleaning costs in Sydney:

Number of Windows and Their Size

Two factors that significantly affect window cleaning costs in Sydney are the number of windows that need to be cleaned in a building and their size. The bigger the window is, the more time it will take to clean it. Also, if your residential or commercial building has more windows, whether big or small, expect to pay more than the average cost of window cleaning in Sydney.

Cleaning Level Required

If you have not had your windows cleaned for a long time, debris and dirt might have accumulated on them over time. Some special window cleaning products will be required to remove stubborn and tough stains from windows, leading to a significant increase in window cleaning costs in Sydney. On the other hand, if you get your windows cleaned regularly,  your window cleaning cost will drop drastically.

Property Type

The type of property you need window cleaning services for will also influence the quoted amount. For instance, you will have to pay more for window cleaning in a standalone house compared to a flat. This increase in window cleaning prices is due to difficult access to windows in stand-alone houses. The number of windows in these property types is also high, requiring more effort, time, and window-cleaning equipment.

Window Type

Every house has different types of windows in Sydney, which means the effort and time required to clean each house will differ. So, cleaning companies also consider the type of windows your house has before quoting for window cleaning services. People with buildings with multi-pane and multi-hung windows always have to pay more since the designs of these windows look pleasant, but they also require more care, time, effort and cleaning materials.


Access to the windows of a building that need to be cleaned also affects the window cleaning cost in Sydney. If the professionals can easily access your windows for cleaning, you will receive a hefty bill for their services. On the other hand, if accessing your windows requires more effort, for instance, the use of a ladder or scaffolding, the window cleaning cost will go higher than you might expect.


Your location will also affect the window cleaning cost in Sydney. Some areas have higher operational costs, leading customers to pay more for basic services. The demand can also affect the window cleaning cost in your area. If the demand for window cleaning services is much higher in your area, you might have to pay a high amount to the professionals.

Window Cleaning Equipment

The cost of window cleaning will also be affected by the window cleaning equipment your cleaners are using. New and advanced window cleaning equipment comes to the market every few years, and if you want your cleaners to use the latest equipment for window cleaning, expect the quoted amount to be higher than average. However, companies using a squeegee and a bucket will charge you much less than those using up-to-date tools for window cleaning.

Tips to Save Money on Window Cleaning in Sydney

Tips to Save Money

People often skip window cleaning due to the price they have to pay for professionals. Sometimes people prefer cleaning windows themselves. But the cleaning and shining, a window cleaner can bring is unparalleled. Plus, the time you can save by hiring a window cleaner and utilising it to solidify bonds with your family is a luxury not everyone can afford.

Instead of skipping window cleaning or wasting your time on these tedious tasks, you can use the following tips to save money on window cleaning in Sydney:

Hire Talented Window Cleaners

Every homeowner wants a squeaky, clean window. Indeed, a shining window is a treat to the eyeballs. However, cleaning a window efficiently and quickly is a skill not everyone possesses. You might think you can clean the windows of your home yourself using some DIY videos. That’s not going to give you the result that you expect!

So, instead of wasting your precious time that you could use to give your family a treat, pursue your hobbies, read a book, or just go on a walk with your furry friends, hire a professional cleaning company with a team of experienced window cleaners. Professional cleaners can clean your windows quickly and perfectly, leveraging their years of expertise.

You can use Google or similar platforms to find a window cleaning company in Sydney with experienced staff. Conventional word of mouth can also prove to be a great help when searching for the best window cleaning company in your area.

Make Tasks Easier for Cleaners

If you want to feel involved in the window cleaning of your residential or commercial building, consider making cleaning tasks easy for your professional cleaners in Sydney. You don’t need to do the complete window cleaning; do a few cleaning tasks to make things easier and more seamless for window cleaners. Here’s how you can make window cleaning tasks easier for cleaners:

  • Clean the interiors of the windows on your own.
  • Ensure to clean up dust and debris from window sills.

By doing these minor things, you can bring the quoted price much lower than the average price, and you will also feel involved in the window cleaning process. Also, your cleaners won’t take much time cleaning your windows if you do these small things for them, leading to significant savings in dollars.

Consider Cleaning Off-Season

When do you prefer cleaning your windows? Do you want to do it on weekdays or weekends? That’s where you have to make a change to reduce window cleaning costs in Sydney. The time when you call window cleaners for their services also affects window cleaning costs. For instance, if you call them on weekends or public holidays, the service will cost you more than on weekdays or non-peak seasons.

Get Multiple Quotes

To get the best bang for your buck, it is essential to do your research and find a window cleaning company that perfectly suits your budget. Instead of going for the first cleaner that comes your way, you should take your time to determine what each has to offer you and which gives you more for the minimum amount.

You should make a list of potential window cleaners, get quotes from many window cleaning companies, compare the plans of each and make an informed decision. Impulsive decisions are always regretted! In addition to focusing on the pricing, you should also dig deep into their reviews to determine what their former clients have to say about them.

Consider choosing a window cleaning company with higher ratings and the most positive reviews. This way, you can ensure that the company you’ve chosen for window cleaning in Sydney will at least meet your window cleaning expectations. To determine the authenticity of a window cleaning, you can use platforms like BBB, Trustpilot, Yelp, Google, etc.

Deals and Discounts

To entice potential customers, window cleaning companies in Sydney offer specials or discount rates. So, when you are hiring window cleaners, do not forget to leverage those offers. You can save a significant amount of money by utilising the offers, deals and discounts of a window cleaning company.

To determine the latest deals and discounts offered by a window cleaning company in Sydney, you can ask the company directly, visit the company website, or see your postbox if you have received any flyers for cleaning services. There’s another way of saving on window cleaning, which is to book a cleaning company for both power washing and window washing (which could really save you some dollars).

Final Verdict

No one wants to spoil their weekends by doing the most tedious task of window cleaning, and that’s why professionals like window cleaners exist. You can hire them to clean your window while you enjoy your time with your family and friends. After a long and tiring week, you deserve to rest and spend time with your loved ones and furry friends.

However, this luxury of time comes at a price; you have to pay your window cleaners some dollars, and your window will be cleaned without lifting a finger. The average cost of cleaning windows in Sydney is between $150 and $330, depending on the size of your house and office. For high-rise buildings, this price can go up to a whopping $1200 and cleaning windows at heights is not a task everyone can do, except for professionals.

If you are tight on budget and planning to skip window cleaning this time, that might not be the best option for you. Instead, you can follow our expert tips to save money on window cleaning costs in Sydney and save a significant amount of money. With a little bit of research and legwork, you can find a window cleaning service that won’t cost you a fortune. Don’t forget to ask your cleaning company if they have any ongoing offers, discounts or deals for savings.

Stay tuned for more such blogs and articles on the most burning topics!

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