Top Things To Do On The Fraser Coast

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Fraser Coast, also known as K’gari is located just off the east coast of Australia and is the largest sand island in the world. This place features tall rainforests on the sand and numerous freshwater lakes. The mix of shifting dunes, rainforests, and lakes makes the Fraser Coast a unique destination to visit. K’gari is the traditional name of Fraser Island, which means ‘paradise’. This place is indeed a paradise, with lush green rainforest and stunning views of the beach and sea. The Fraser Coast is an ideal getaway for solo travellers or families looking for an exceptional vacation. With its remarkable fusion of natural wonders, cultural treasures, and aquatic marvels, this place is perfect for those seeking an unforgettable journey by the coast. In this blog, we’ve carefully curated a list of the top spots to visit on the Fraser Coast if you’re in search of an ideal vacation or seeking an escape from the crowded city.

1. Lake McKenzie

Lake McKenzie

Known for its crystal-clear blue waters and immaculate white sand coastlines, Lake McKenzie on Fraser Island is a natural treasure. The lake’s unique ecosystem is a result of the pure rainwater that collects in the basin and forms a naturally filtered freshwater lake. The water’s clarity is so high that you can see your feet even in the deeper areas of the water. The sand surrounding the lake is formed entirely of pure, white silica, which is unusually soft when walked on. Since the water of the lake is incredibly pure, it is unsuitable for many species to survive in that water. The lake, which is about 150 hectares in size, is 6.2 kilometres southeast of Kingfisher Resort. You will be able to find amenities like a picnic area and restrooms near the lake. Visitors often enjoy swimming, floating, and relaxing in the refreshing waters. The surrounding forest adds to the serene ambience, making it a perfect spot for picnics and unwinding in nature.

Name: Lake Mckenzie (Boorangoora)

Address: Lake McKenzie, K’gari, Fraser Coast Area, Queensland 4581

Things To Do

  • Lake McKenzie offers plenty of camping spaces 
  • You can go swimming in crystal water.
  • Relax on the beach, sunbathe, and unwind on the unique silica sand beach.
  • Enjoy a leisurely picnic with friends and family in the designated areas, surrounded by lush greenery.
  • Explore walking trails around the lake and take pictures of the beautiful scenery.

Nearby Hotels

  1. Kingfisher Bay Resort: Situated on the lap of nature, Kingfisher Bay Resort provides a refreshing ambience and eco-friendly luxury, making it an ideal place to stay if you are visiting Lake McKenzie.
  1. K’gari Beach Resort: K’gari Beach Resort is 7.5 km away from Lake McKenzie and provides a modern and comfortable stay for guests to relax in the beautiful beach surroundings.
  1. Akama Resort: Discover urban sophistication fused with coastal charm at Akama Resort, where stylish accommodations harmonise with panoramic views, creating an ideal place to stay near Lake McKenzie.
  1. Ramada by Wyndham Hervey Bay: With the booking price starting at $220, the Ramada by Wyndham Hervey Bay seamlessly blends convenience and comfort. The Resort offers waterfront appeal, giving visitors a front-row view of the bay’s beauty and adventure. ‘

Nearby Restaurants

  1. Sand Bar and Bistro: At Sand Bar and Bistro, you can enjoy delicious seafood dishes mixed with fresh farm ingredients. Their menu celebrates coastal flavours with unique culinary twists.
  1. Sand & Wood Restaurant and Maheno Bar: Indulge in a symphony of tastes at Sand & Wood Restaurant and Maheno Bar, where gourmet creations are meticulously plated, inviting you to relish a harmonious blend of textures and flavours, complemented by artisanal libations.
  1. DUNE Restaurant and Rainforest Bar: Try the range of food options at DUNE Restaurant and Rainforest Bar, where locally sourced ingredients are transformed into edible artworks, offering an unforgettable dining experience with the beautiful rainforest backdrop.
  1. McKenzie’s on 75: McKenzie’s on 75 offers a delightful dining experience with expertly crafted dishes that blend diverse ingredients into a harmonious flavor sensation. You can enjoy the food here while enjoying the pool view of the resort.

2. Kingfisher Bay Resort

Kingfisher Bay Resort

Kingfisher Bay Resort, located in the middle of Fraser Island’s wilderness, has a variety of lodging options, including hotel rooms and villas with separate living quarters. The resort is designed with sustainability in mind, blending seamlessly into the natural environment. It serves as a base for exploring the island’s diverse landscapes, with guided tours to highlights such as Lake McKenzie, Eli Creek, and the Maheno Shipwreck. Guests can participate in nature walks, ranger-led talks, and various eco-adventures, immersing themselves in the island’s unique flora and fauna. If you are planning a trip to the Fraser Coast this resort can be an ideal accommodation option. Kingfisher Bay Resort is a shelter for outdoor pursuits including swimming, bushwalking, fishing, or just unwinding in tranquil settings. At the resort’s three restaurants, patrons may experience a range of Modern Australian cuisine.

Name: Kingfisher Bay Resort

Address: Kingfisher Bay, Fraser Island QLD 4581, Australia

Things To Do

  • You can explore the natural beauty of Fraser Island’s 
  • Relax on pristine beaches.
  • Join guided bush walks and hikes.
  • Indulge in spa treatments and wellness.
  • Take part in aquatic sports such as swimming and fishing.
  • Dine at waterfront restaurants and try the delicious cuisine that they offer. 

Nearby Hotels

  1. Mantra Hervey Bay: Overlooking the sparkling bay waters, Mantra Hervey Bay is a perfect stay option for families, couples, or solo travellers. This hotel offers a blend of modern comfort and coastal charm, inviting guests to explore the captivating beauty of the Fraser Coast.
  1. Kondari Resort Hervey Bay: Situated between the lush gardens, Kondari Resort serves a calming ambience, providing a serene escape where guests can rejuvenate by the poolside or explore the nearby wildlife sanctuary. Booking prices start at $98.
  1. Oaks Hervey Bay Resort and Spa: You can consider staying at Oaks Hervey Bay Resort and Spa to experience pure relaxation. This place is a pure haven offering stunning ocean views, which makes it ideal for a stay if you are visiting the Fraser Coast.
  1. Shelly Bay Resort: Shelly Bay Resort offers a peaceful escape with luxurious accommodations and breathtaking ocean views. You can consider staying here and taking advantage of numerous conveniences in addition to the tranquil surroundings.

Nearby Restaurants

  1. UK Curry 2 Go: UK Curry 2 Go, offers aromatic spices and authentic recipes that transport your taste buds to the streets of India. This place offers a delectable array of curries that can satisfy every craving.
  1. Maheno Bar: You can also check out the Maheno Bar. It has this classy vibe and it serves amazing handmade cocktails and top-notch drinks. Plus, you’ll be surrounded by the most stunning ocean views, which make it the perfect spot to relax and treat yourself.
  1. Wild Bean: Fuel your adventures at Wild Bean, where you can have aromatic coffees along with some delicious snacks and food. This restaurant provides a quick and satisfying pit stop for those on the go.

3. Urangan Pier

Urangan Pier

Urangan Pier is one of the must-see attractions on Queensland’s Fraser Coast, as it is one of the longest piers in Australia. Urangan Pier goes almost one kilometre out into the ocean. Stretching out into the calm waters of Hervey Bay, Urangan Pier is not only a popular fishing spot but also a picturesque location for leisurely strolls. Fishing enthusiasts can try their luck catching a variety of fish, and you can also spot marine life such as dolphins and stingrays. The area next to the pier is a top spot in the Bay for windsurfing and kite surfing, suitable for all skill levels, from beginners to experts. The pier offers panoramic views of the bay, sandy beaches, and Fraser Island in the distance. It’s an excellent place to capture stunning sunrises and sunsets so don’t forget to bring your camera when visiting Urangan Pier. 

Name: Urangan Pier

Address: Great Sandy Strait, QLD 4655, Australia

Things To Do

  • You can go fishing and catch a variety of local fish here.
  • You can enjoy breathtaking views of the ocean and Fraser Island by taking a leisurely stroll down the pier.
  • During the whale migration season, you may be able to spot humpback whales from the pier.
  • Witness breathtaking sunrises and sunsets over the ocean 
  • Explore the nearby cafes and restaurants for delicious meals and refreshing drinks.
  • Engage in activities like swimming and kiteboarding in the calm waters.

Nearby Hotels

  1. Urangan Motor Inn: If you are looking for a comfy and convenient place near Urangan Pier, consider staying at the Urangan Motor Inn. After your exciting coastal adventures, this cosy retreat is a perfect spot to relax and feel right at home.
  1. Grange Resort Hervey Bay: Imagine yourself in a tranquil paradise surrounded by greenery. With spacious rooms and all the perks of a resort, Grange Resort Hervey Bay is the perfect option if you are seeking peaceful coastal vibes.
  1. BreakFree Great Sandy Straits: For the ultimate beachfront luxury with the convenience of your own space, BreakFree Great Sandy Straits has you covered. Breathtaking ocean views, a range of fun activities, and all the comforts you need.

Nearby Restaurants

  1. The Dock Hervey Bay – Tapas Bar & Restaurant: Try to experience the culinary voyage at The Dock Hervey Bay, where delectable tapas and diverse flavours take centre stage, accompanied by a vibrant waterfront ambience.
  1. Waterfront Restaurant: If you’re looking for a fancy and delicious meal, Waterfront Restaurant is highly recommended. The food is amazing, the service is top-notch, and you’ll have a beautiful view of Hervey Bay while you eat. You can treat yourself here to a special dining experience.
  1. Aegean Waters French Restaurant: For a unique blend of French and Mediterranean cuisine, you’ve got to try Aegean Waters. The food not only tastes incredible but also looks like art on your plate. If you’re in the mood for something different and delightful, give this place a visit.
  1. Pier Village Cafe: When food is on your mind, Pier Village Cafe is the spot. They offer tasty local dishes, and you can enjoy your meal right by the water. It’s the perfect place to unwind, eat good food, and soak in a peaceful atmosphere.

4. Maheno Shipwreck

Maheno Shipwreck

The Maheno Shipwreck, situated along 75 Mile Beach on Fraser Island, is a haunting and fascinating sight. The shipwreck once served as an ocean liner but was beached and abandoned in 1935. Over time, it has become an iconic landmark and a reminder of the island’s marine history. You can explore the rusting ship and learn about the ship’s past history. As you explore the Maheno Shipwreck, it will offer you a unique opportunity to connect with history along with the enchanting environment of the island’s unsettling but alluring sight, which attracts travellers to explore the tales and mysteries that are related to the wreck. For those who like photography, the Maheno Shipwreck presents a captivating and unique visual along with the beauty of the sun, sand, and sea.

Name: S.S. Maheno

Address: Fraser Island, QLD 4581, Australia

Things To Do

  • Learn about maritime history.
  • Take stunning photographs of the rusted ship along with the stunning background view of sand, sun, and sea. 
  • Witness breathtaking sunsets over the ocean from the vantage point of the Maheno Shipwreck.

Nearby Hotels

  1. Sailfish On Fraser: Enjoy a comfortable stay at Sailfish On Fraser, located conveniently close to the Maheno Shipwreck. With cosy rooms and possibly stunning views, it offers a great base for your Fraser Island exploration.
  1. Fraser Island Retreat: Immerse yourself in the tranquilly of Fraser Island Retreat, just a stone’s throw away from the shipwreck. Unwind in their peaceful surroundings after a day of adventure.
  1. Cathedrals on Fraser: For a unique stay, check out Cathedrals on Fraser. This accommodation provides a blend of comfort and nature, making it an ideal choice for nature lovers exploring the Maheno Shipwreck.
  1. Yidney Rocks Beachfront Units: If you’re looking to stay right by the beach, Yidney Rocks Beachfront Units could be perfect for you. Wake up to the sound of waves and be ready to explore the shipwreck in no time.

Nearby Restaurants

  1. Rainforest Bar: Head to Rainforest Bar for a dining experience surrounded by nature’s beauty. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty meal or a light snack, this spot offers a variety of options to recharge.
  1. River Heads Cafe And Takeaway: If you’re looking for a quick and tasty bite, River Heads Cafe And Takeaway is a great choice. Grab a meal to-go or dine in and relish a selection of satisfying dishes.
  1. French Bakehouse: Indulge your taste buds at French Bakehouse, where delectable baked goods and savoury treats await. Whether you’re craving a pastry or a savoury delight, this bakery is highly recommended.

5. Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary

Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary

The Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary offers you the opportunity to explore the native wildlife of Australia. This sanctuary provides a close-up encounter with Australia’s wildlife. You will have the chance to see kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, emus, and a variety of bird species. You can see reptiles, do the daring task of holding a python, and learn about Australia’s largest land predator, the Dingo. After finishing your tour of the sanctuary, you can relax in their canteen and browse the gift shop. This location welcomes visitors of all ages, and group reservations qualify for a discount. The sanctuary also accommodates wheelchairs. The sanctuary offers guided tours and interactive experiences that educate travellers and visitors about the animals and their habitats. Overall, it is a family-friendly destination that promotes conservation and awareness. 

Name: Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary

Address: 31 Mungar Rd, Oakhurst, QLD 4650, Australia 

Things To Do

  • See the diverse range of Australian native animals, including kangaroos, dingos, and birds.
  • Learn more about conservation through informative displays to make yourself aware of Australian wildlife facts.
  • Get close encounters with some of the animals during a guided tour. 
  • Capture stunning photographs of animals in their natural habitats and with their beautiful natural surroundings. 
  • A great destination for families, with activities suitable for all ages, including children’s 
  • Browse a selection of unique souvenirs and gifts after completing your tour. 

Nearby Hotels

  1. K’gari Beach Resort: If you’re looking to combine your wildlife adventure with a coastal retreat, K’gari Beach Resort is the perfect choice. The proximity to the sanctuary allows you to easily indulge in both the serene beach atmosphere and the captivating wildlife experience. Visit this charming resort to unwind in comfort after your day of touring.
  2. Shelly Bay Resort: Shelly Bay Resort appeals with its serene atmosphere for a calm getaway close to the Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary. Given the close proximity of the sanctuary to the resort, you can easily reach the shelly resort after a tiring day of adventure.
  3. Sanctuary Lakes Fauna Retreat: Stay at Sanctuary Lakes Fauna Retreat to enhance your wildlife experience. It promises a unique nature-focused stay, allowing you to connect with the natural beauty of the Fraser Coast region even after the sanctuary closes.
  1. Grand Mercure Allegra Hervey Bay : You can also choose the Grand Mercure Allegra Hervey Bay, as it offers modern and luxurious amenities to upscale your comfort experience. After a day of wildlife exploration, indulge in the lavish offerings of the Grand Mercure Allegra Hervey Bay.

Nearby Restaurants

  1. Portside Cafe & Restaurant: Be sure to dine at Portside Cafe & Restaurant, a perfect post-sanctuary stop for a hearty meal that captures the essence of the region. With stunning water views, it’s an ideal spot to unwind and enjoy the serene surroundings.
  1. Harry’s Thai Food: Get the taste of Thailand at Harry’s Thai Food, where authentic flavours add a touch of exotic to your wildlife adventure. The cosy ambience and friendly service enhance the overall dining experience.
  1. Alowishus Delicious: You can also try Alowishus Delicious, a warm and quality-driven option to satisfy your post-sanctuary cravings. Their freshly baked treats and artisanal beverages make it a must-visit for food enthusiasts.

6. Champagne Pools

Champagne Pools

Champagne is one of K’gari’s most gorgeous wonders, with an array of natural swimming pools located right on the island’s shore. The bubbles produced by crashing waves at high tide gave this pool the name Champagne Pool. These natural rock pools on the eastern side of Fraser Island are formed by volcanic rock formations that create a barrier against the crashing waves. This pool is a perfect natural spa created by Mother Nature that also offers a mesmerising ocean view. You can take a refreshing dip in the pools while enjoying the stunning coastal scenery. This Champagne Pool is a unique and safe way to experience a relaxing spa at low tide. This is a perfect spot for families who are looking for a safer place to swim.

Name: Champagne Pools

Address: Champagne Pools Near North Point Light, Moreton Island, Queensland 4025 Australia

Things To Do

  • Take a refreshing swim in the sparkling and bubbly waters of the Champagne Pools. 
  • Take a leisurely stroll at the beach and admire the beauty of nature around you. 
  • Capture the stunning natural beauty of the Champagne Pools and the surrounding coastal landscape. 
  • Keep on the lookout for dolphins and whales that may frequent the area, you may get a glimpse of them if you are lucky.

Nearby Hotels

  1. Orchid Beach Apartments : Orchid Beach Apartments, strategically located near the Champagne Pools. These contemporary apartments provide a comfortable haven after your aquatic adventure, ensuring a relaxed stay.
  1. Waddy Lodge: Waddy Lodge is a charming accommodation thoughtfully positioned near the Champagne Pools. With personalised service and a calming ambience, it’s the ideal place to unwind and rejuvenate after exploring the beautiful beaches.
  1. Eliza Fraser Lodge: Eliza Fraser Lodge offers a premium lodging option conveniently adjacent to the Champagne Pools. After a refreshing dip in the pools, you can visit this lodge for a comfortable stay.
  1. Fraser Island Beach Houses: You can also check out the Fraser Island Beach Houses near the Champagne Pools. These warm beach homes effectively combine convenience and comfort, enabling you to easily see the wonders of nature while savouring the luxuries of a coastal home.

Nearby Restaurants

  1. Satinay: Just a short distance from the Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary, Satinay is your go-to spot to unwind and enjoy a delectable meal. After exploring the sanctuary’s beauty, this restaurant is the perfect place to kick back, relax, and savour a delicious treat.
  1. Seabelle Restaurant: A culinary jewel famed for its superb dining experience is Seabelle Restaurant, which is tucked away in the heart of the Fraser Coast. It’s a great marriage of nature and cuisine, with a menu that highlights the best ingredients from the area and a tranquil atmosphere overlooking the coast.

7. Reef World Aquarium

Reef World Aquarium

Located in Hervey Bay, the Reef World Aquarium offers an opportunity to explore the underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef without getting wet. This popular tourist attraction was established in 1974 and has been operating for over 40 years. Reefworld Aquarium is an all-natural aquarium, using only sand-filtered sea water and natural sunlight. The aquarium features a variety of marine life, including colourful Green Sea turtles, tropical fish, sharks, and turtles. Interactive exhibits and displays provide insights into the delicate ecosystems of the reef and its inhabitants. Both children and adults can participate in feeding marine life at the aquarium. If you are planning a family trip to the Fraser Coast, Reefworld Aquarium can be a fabulous attraction. You will enjoy strolling around and discovering the beauty presented in the feature tanks where these sea creatures live.

Name: Reef World Aquarium

Address: Dayman Park Cnr Kent &, Pulgul St, Urangan QLD 4655, Australia

Things To Do

  • Observe diverse marine life up close and learn interesting facts about it. 
  • Walk through a 360-degree tunnel for immersive views of marine life. 
  • Engage with educational exhibits and displays about the marine world.
  • Touch pools with friendly sea creatures to interact.
  • Attend talks and feeding demonstrations.

Nearby Hotels

  1. 545 Esplanade: You can stay at 545 Esplanade for convenient lodging situated near Reef World Aquarium. Experience seaside relaxation and easy access to the aquarium’s wonders and make your trip even more enjoyable.
  1. Akama Resort: Choose Akama Resort if you are looking for a blend of modern luxury. After a day of underwater exploration, return to comfort, sleek design, and stunning bay views.
  1. Crab Cottages: Find quaint tranquillity at Crab Cottages, a short distance from the Reef World Aquarium. Unwind in cozy accommodations that perfectly complement your marine discovery.
  1. Santalina On Hervey Bay: Experience seaside peacefulness at Santalina On Hervey Bay, if you are looking for a beautiful stay near the Reef World Aquarium. Here you can relax, soak in the coastal beauty, and enhance your aquarium visit with a perfect stay.

Nearby Restaurants

  1. Waterfront Restaurant: Conveniently close to Reef World Aquarium, Waterfront Restaurant is the perfect option for a fulfilling meal. Treat yourself to a variety of gourmet experiences with a stunning ocean backdrop.
  1. Enzo’s on the Beach: Experience beachside bliss at Enzo’s on the Beach, a short distance from Reef World Aquarium. You can try delectable dishes while soaking in the relaxed seaside ambience.
  1. Oyster Bay: Discover seafood delights at Oyster Bay, perfectly situated near the Reef World Aquarium. They offer a variety of ocean-inspired foods and cuisines that you can try with your family and friends.

8. Central Station Rainforest

Central Station Rainforest

Central Station was once a forestry camp but is now a tranquil rainforest area in the heart of Fraser Island. You can take Leisurely strolls among the lush flora, old trees, and clear waterways on well-kept trails. Information about the ecology and history of the rainforest is provided by the interpretive display. For thousands of years, this ecosystem has flourished and developed. It’s the only location on Earth where this kind of rainforest grows on a sand dune island, typically lacking mineral fertility. The area around Central Station and Pile Valley was initially used as a camp. It is now a World Heritage Site and must be preserved, which is why cutting down trees is no longer permitted here. If you love nature and want a perfect escape, this spot provides a peaceful and unforgettable experience, surrounded by amazing natural beauty.

Name: K’gari, Great Sandy National Park

Address: Great Sand National Park, Fraser Island, QLD

Things To Do

  • You can take a memorable trek through the rainforest on the Wanggoolba Creek boardwalk
  • Explore the tranquil Basin Lake, or stand among the spectacular satinay trees in Pile Valley.
  • Enjoy a nice picnic with your partner, family, or friends. 
  • Learn about rainforest’s flora and fauna while appreciating nature.
  • Pitch your tent on the central station campsite and sleep under the stars for an unforgettable experience.

Nearby Hotels

  1. Grange Resort Hervey Bay: For those seeking a touch of elegance and convenience, Grange Resort is an excellent choice. With spacious and well-appointed rooms, you’ll enjoy a comfortable stay surrounded by lush gardens. Its prime location allows for easy access to Central Station Rainforest and other attractions.
  2. Sunseeker Motel: If you’re looking for budget-friendly accommodation without compromising on comfort, the Sunseeker Motel is a fantastic option. Located close to Central Station Rainforest, this motel offers cosy rooms equipped with essential amenities. After a day of rainforest exploration, you can relax at this hotel.
  1. Shelly Bay Resort: Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or a beach lover, Shelly Bay Resort offers a unique and delightful experience for your stay. Here you can relax while enjoying the resort’s facilities, including a pool, hot tub, and direct access to the beach.
  1. Boat Harbour Resort: If you’re seeking a serene retreat surrounded by nature, Boat Harbour Resort is an excellent choice. This resort offers well-designed lodging with an emphasis on comfort and leisure, tucked away among beautiful vegetation not far from Central Station Rainforest.

Nearby Restaurants

  1. Sand Bar and Bistro: Whether you’re craving fresh seafood, savoury burgers, or vegetarian delights, the Sand Bar and Bistro has something for everyone. Situated conveniently close to Central Station Rainforest, this restaurant offers a diverse menu featuring both local and international cuisine.
  1. Dune Restaurant: For a delightful dining experience that combines flavours with a touch of relaxation, Dune Restaurant is an excellent choice. Known for its elegant ambience and gourmet offerings. This restaurant specialises in refined dishes made from the finest ingredients that you can enjoy with a beautiful view.
  1. Rainforest Bar: Rainforest Bar is a cosy and charming establishment located within easy reach of Central Station Rainforest. This casual eatery offers a range of beverages, including refreshing cocktails and local brews, alongside delicious food. It’s a great spot to recharge and share stories of your explorations with fellow travellers.

9. 75 Mile Beach

75 Mile Beach

If you are visiting the Fraser Coast, you must drive along the sand highway. As you make your way around, the scenery is stunning, with an open ocean on one side and island views on the other. Along the 75-mile beach, you will be able to witness Champagne Pools, the Maheno Shipwreck, and Indian Head Lookout, which are all highlights. Serving as a natural “highway” along Fraser Island’s eastern coast, 75 Mile Beach offers a unique driving experience. The stunning vantage point at Indian Head offers panoramic views of the coastline and the vastness of the sea for those seeking a more elevated perspective. This rocky promontory not only offers a panoramic view but also showcases the marine environment. You can witness the playful dolphins, the serene glide of turtles, and even the occasional sighting of a shark passing by. It’s truly a stunning and unforgettable experience that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Name: 75 Mile Beach Rd

Address: Fraser Island, QLD 4581, Australia

Things To Do

  • Take some time to unwind and relax by taking a refreshing dip in the beautiful ocean. 
  • Lounge on the sandy shoreline and soak up the warm sun. 
  • Visit the historic Maheno shipwreck and capture some amazing photos.
  • For a unique and exhilarating swimming experience, enjoy a swim in the bubbly natural rock pools. 
  • If you’re ready for a bit of adventure, hike to a lookout point to take in the stunning coastal view.  
  • You can drive along the beach’s designated 4×4 route for a fun and exciting ride.

Nearby Hotels

  1. Fraser Island Retreat: If you’re seeking a cosy and secluded escape near 75 Mile Beach, look no further than Fraser Island Retreat. With its peaceful ambience and proximity to the beach, it’s an ideal choice for travellers who wish to unwind and connect with the island’s serene environment.
  1. Kingfisher Bay Resort Fraser Island: For a blend of luxury and nature, the Mercure Kingfisher Bay Resort is a prime choice near 75 Mile Beach. With a range of dining options and activities, Mercure Kingfisher Bay Resort is an excellent base for your 75-mile beach exploration.
  1. Eurong Beach Resort: If you’re looking for a beachfront escape with convenience, You can consider Eurong Beach Resort, which is near 75 Mile Beach. This resort offers a laid-back atmosphere with a touch of coastal charm. This resort provides a comfortable and inviting stay for travellers looking for a lodging option near 75 Mile Beach.

Nearby Restaurants

  1. Magic Curries Indian Restaurant: Located near 75 Mile Beach, this restaurant offers an authentic and flavorful experience of Indian cuisine. From aromatic curries to savoury tandoori dishes, the restaurant presents a diverse menu that caters to both traditional and unique flavours.
  1. Frogmore Creek: Frogmore Creek offers a fusion of contemporary Australian cuisine with a focus on fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Set against a beautiful backdrop, you can enjoy stunning views as you savour their creative dishes. Frogmore Creek provides a sophisticated and memorable dining experience for travellers seeking culinary excellence.
  1. Barilla Bay: Barilla Bay specialises in delectable seafood dishes, featuring the freshest catches from the surrounding waters. Barilla Bay gives a taste of Tasmania’s coastal riches, from savoury fish dishes to exquisite oysters. A superb setting for enjoying the flavors of the sea is created by the welcoming ambiance and waterfront location.

10. Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay is a great place for whale watching, especially during humpback whale migration season. You can take guided boat tours to get up close to the whales. The bay’s calm waters provide a safe and comfortable environment for the whales to rest and socialise, making it an unforgettable experience for whale-watching enthusiasts. The knowledgeable guides on board not only offer fascinating insights into the lives and behaviours of the humpback whales but also share valuable information about the broader marine ecosystem and conservation efforts.

It’s a chance to connect with the natural world and collect memories that will last forever. Hervey Bay offers a range of activities beyond whale watching. Explore the stunning Fraser Island with 4WD adventures, rainforest hikes, and unique landscapes. Enjoy water sports like kayaking and paddleboarding, go fishing, or relax on beautiful beaches. Discover local markets, historical sites, and botanical gardens. Hervey Bay promises a well-rounded and enjoyable experience for all types of travellers.

Name: Hervey Bay 

Address: 23 East Hervey Bay St, Hervey Bay, QLD 4655.

Things To Do

  • Experience incredible humpback whale sightings and activity in the bay.
  • Explore Fraser Island, the world’s largest sand island, with unique landscapes.
  • Enjoy kayaking, paddleboarding, and more in calm waters.
  • Try your luck with a variety of fishing options.
  • Taste the flavours of fresh seafood and local cuisine by the bay.
  • participate in a range of activities like hiking, camping, and birdwatching. 

Nearby Hotels

  1. Mantra Hervey Bay: If you’re seeking a well-rounded stay in Hervey Bay, Mantra Hervey Bay is an excellent choice. Situated by the bay, this hotel offers spacious and comfortable rooms with modern amenities. Here, you can enjoy pool, spa, and gym facilities to enhance your experience. Its prime location provides easy access to the beach and local attractions.
  2. The Bay Apartments: The Bay Apartments is an ideal option if you want a home-like vibe. These well-appointed apartments offer a range of sizes to suit different group sizes, making them perfect for families or larger groups. The Bay Apartments’ proximity to local attractions adds to its appeal, making it a comfortable and convenient stay.
  3. Quarterdecks Retreat: This boutique-style accommodation offers beautifully designed villas set amid lush gardens. The attention to detail, including private courtyards and high-end furnishings, sets a tone of relaxation and sophistication. This hotel is a perfect accommodation for couples, families, or anybody seeking a touch of luxury during their Hervey Bay holiday.

Nearby Restaurants

  1. Enzo’s on the Beach: Enzo’s on the Beach is a beachfront restaurant that offers a perfect blend of flavours and ambience, making it a must-visit spot in Hervey Bay. From fresh seafood to hearty Italian classics, the menu caters to a variety of tastes. It is a perfect dining option for travellers visiting Hervey Bay.
  1. Cafe Balaena: If you are seeking a cosy and artistic setting, Cafe Balaena offers delicious food with an aesthetic ambience. This charming cafe boasts a menu brimming with homemade delights, from breakfast treats to mouthwatering lunches. The welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff make this place popular among locals and travellers.
  1. Sea Breeze Cafe Hervey Bay: Located near the bay, this cafe serves up a range of casual dishes that highlight the region’s culinary offerings. You can enjoy a leisurely meal while taking in the refreshing sea breeze and panoramic vistas. This cafe is a wonderful location to relax and savour delectable food.


These above-listed spots are some popular highlights of the Fraser Coast. Each location offers unique experiences. Whether you’re interested in natural beauty, wildlife, history, or adventure, the Fraser Coast has something to offer for every type of traveller. The Fraser Coast offers a range of attractions, including whale watching in Hervey Bay, unique landscapes on Fraser Island, natural pools, and diverse nature in the Central Station Rainforest. Adventurous activities like 4WD explorations and water sports are also available. So, whether you are on a solo exploration or planning a trip with your family, the Fraser Coast is the destination that promises an unforgettable experience.

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