Transforming With Yoga: 9 Powerful Asanas For Fast Weight Loss

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If you step into the market looking for ways to lose weight fast, many people will approach you, claiming they can help you lose a few pounds within 15, 10 or 20 days. But everyone knows that neither gaining nor losing weight is easy. The only way you lose weight faster is with exercise, such as yoga (yes, it counts as exercise), good sleep and a restricted diet.

Though it is easy to calculate how many calories you need to cut out from your diet to lose weight, determining which yoga poses (poses) for weight loss you should perform to lose weight fast is challenging. So, how do you do that? Will you try various asanas for weight loss and figure out which works the best? Or will you hire a yoga instructor to tell you the effective poses for weight loss?

You don’t have to do any of these, as here, in this exclusive blog by expert yoga teachers, we unveil the most effective asanas for fast weight loss. Read on to learn more!

Can You Lose Weight with Yoga Asanas?

Can You Lose Weight with Asanas

The short answer to this question is yes; it is possible to lose weight and prevent weight gain with yoga. To lose weight while practising yoga, you have to perform some of the most active and intense yoga asanas for weight loss, and they will help you burn the most calories, leading to weight gain prevention.

In addition to calorie burn and weight loss, yoga may help you heighten mindfulness, reduce stress levels, and make behavioural changes. These will help you stay determined about your decision to eat less, continue your restricted diet for a longer period, or even become aware of the potential harms of overeating.

If you don’t believe the fact that it is possible to lose weight with yoga, have a look at this study on how effective restorative yoga is in helping overweight women lose weight significantly and reduce abdominal fat. The best part about doing yoga is that you don’t have to dedicate half of your productive time to losing weight.

You can lose weight effectively by practising powerful yoga asanas for weight loss 3–5 times a week for at least 1 hour. In addition to yoga, you can do cycling, walking, or swimming to expedite weight loss. However, bear in mind that you might not see results in a day or a week, but you will notice a significant drop in your weight in 3-4 months.

Pro Tip: Do not weigh yourself after a yoga session as you might lose water with intense yoga; instead, do it at the same time each day for your accurate weight and results tracking.

9 Powerful Asanas for Fast Weight Loss

From the above information, you might have gotten the answer to your question, “Can asanas for weight loss really help?” It’s time to delve deeper into this exclusive blog to determine the nine best yoga asanas for weight loss you can practise to lose weight quickly.

1. Surya Namaskar - Sun Salutation Pose

Surya Namaskar

One of the most effective asanas for weight loss is the Sun Salutation Pose – Surya Namaskara, which is also called the King of Asanas. It is a series of poses that is used as a warm-up during yoga sessions. The effect of this session is on the whole body, including the shoulders, arms, hands, wrists, neck, spine and back muscles; therefore, it is an ideal yoga asana for weight loss.

When done right, you can significantly lose weight by practising this yoga asana, as one round of Surya Namaskar can burn up to 13.90 calories for a person with an average weight. Though you might not be able to do many rounds of Surya Namaskar during the initial period, you can gradually increase your capability of doing rounds to 108.

Once you reach this number and capacity of doing this many rounds of Sun Salutation, you will achieve a leaner body beyond your expectations. It is possible to learn to practise Surya Namaskar for weight loss on your own; however, if you struggle to do so, you can hire a yoga trainer who will help you learn the art of yoga.

2. Virabhadrasana - Warrior Pose


Another powerful asana for weight loss is Virabhadrasana – Warrior Pose, which effectively tones your arms, legs, and lower back. It can be performed in three sets of variations and those willing to lose weight and belly fat via this yoga asana should aim to gain perfection in all three poses hassle-free.

Once you gain perfection performing all three asanas flawlessly, you can try switching one variation to the other, as it will keep your muscles engaged for a longer period of time. The three poses of Virabhadrasana, Warrior Pose, target different parts of your body. Here is how every variation of the asanas affects your body: –

  • Virabhadrasana 1: It activates the hips, thighs and belly region of your body while strengthening your lungs as well as your back muscles.
  • Virabhadrasana 2: The position of this variation is slightly different from the first pose, and it strengthens your muscles further.
  • Virabhadrasana 3: This asana for weight loss works on your core muscles, strengthens the thigh muscles, and tones your back and shoulders, assisting you in losing weight faster.

3. Trikonasana - Triangle Pose


If you are looking for some effective asanas for weight loss, you must try the Trikonasana, – Triangle Pose. This pose can help you kickstart your weight loss journey as it assists in burning the fat accumulated around your waist and belly. In addition to weight loss, this asana also strengthens thighs, activates lower obliques and improves blood circulation in your entire body.

The benefits of practising Trikonasana – Triangle Pose are vast, and some of the benefits of doing it, other than weight loss, are as follows:

  • This asana for weight loss is also effective in the treatment of indigestion.
  • It improves the flexibility of the hamstrings and relieves stiffness in the legs.
  • Trikonasana helps loosen the hips, strengthen them, and make them more flexible.
  • Triangle pose can stretch the spine and improve flexibility as it involves bending sideways.

4. Adho Mukha Svanasana - Downward Dog Pose

Adho Mukha Svanasana

It is one of the most common poses for weight loss. However, performing this asana is not that easy. Though Adho Mukha Svanasana, – Downward Dog Pose, tones your whole body, it also focuses on some specific muscles. For instance, you can practise this asana to strengthen your hamstrings, arms, back and thighs.

Downward Dog Pose is perfect for those individuals who want to reduce belly fat effectively. The fat in this area is called active fat, which is considered very hard to lose. In addition, this yoga asana for weight loss improves your energy levels and concentration power by enhancing the blood flow to your brain.

After gaining weight, you may also experience posture-related issues and by practising Downward Dog Pose, you can obtain a good body posture since this yoga asana allows our neck, back, and shoulders to stretch. So, practise this yoga asana for weight loss and experience many other health benefits today!

5. Setu Bandha Sarvangasana - Bridge Pose

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

Here comes the fifth yoga asana for weight loss, which is the Bridge Pose or Setu Bandha Sarvangasana. This pose is best for beginners who want to do more than just warm-up basics, as this asana is easy to perform and aids in weight loss. It is a back-bending pose that improves your digestion, flexibility, and thyroid levels, tones your muscles, and regulates hormones.

In addition, this pose alleviates back pain and strengthens back muscles, so this yoga asana for weight loss is a must-add to your yoga practice if you want to have a healthier and leaner body. Performing this asana is not that tough and you can excel at this yoga asana for obesity after a few practices. Here’s how you can perform this yoga pose to reduce belly fat: –

  • First, you have to lay your yoga mat on a flat surface.
  • Then, lay on your back while bending your knees.
  • While performing this yoga asana, your feet must be flat on the ground.
  • Once you achieve this position, start drawing your feet towards your hips.
  • Keep your feet parallel to each other while performing this yoga pose.
  • After that, you need to lift your stomach towards the sky.
  • Hold that position for 10 seconds.
  • Now relax and repeat the same process several times.

6. Dhanurasana - Bow Pose


Dhanurasana or Bow Pose might look difficult to perform; however, once you nail this feat, your weight loss journey will become easier. This yoga asana for weight loss helps burn fat effectively from various parts of your body, including your legs and arms. It also tones the arms, chest, abdomen, and thigh areas.

This yoga asana for weight loss can also be performed by people suffering from diabetes, as three to seven minutes of Bow Pose every day can lead to an increase in insulin sensitivity and secretion. This in turn normalises the body mass index and reduces waist fat effectively. It is recommended that you hold the bow pose for at least 25-30 seconds to get the best results.

According to yoga experts, you should perform the bow pose 3-5 times a week to lose body weight faster. However, individuals with injured discs or spinal cords should avoid this activity or consult with their doctor or a certified yoga practitioner to practise this yoga pose for weight loss accurately and carefully.

7. Parivrtta Utkatasana - Twisted Chair Pose

Parivrtta Utkatasana

Remember to add Parivrtta Utkatasana, – Twisted Chair Pose to your regular yoga session to lose weight faster. This yoga asana for weight loss helps you reduce belly fat and focuses on many other parts of your body, including abdominal muscles, lower and upper back, quads, glutes, knees, hips, ankles and shoulders.

Twisted Chair Pose also helps improve digestion and effectively detoxifies your body; hence, it is a perfect pose for those looking to cleanse their bodies naturally. Apart from these, this yoga pose for weight loss offers all yogis several more benefits that include the following:

  • Enhances blood circulation
  • Nervous system relaxation
  • Alleviates lower back pain
  • Improves posture and balance
  • May help improve your sexual performance

The above-mentioned are only a few advantages of performing Parivrtta Utkatasana, – Twisted Chair Pose. For more information regarding this yoga asana for weight loss, you can connect with a certified yoga practitioner.

8. Sarvangasana - Shoulder Stand Pose


Sarvangasana or Shoulder Stand Pose is often referred to as the “queen” or “mother” of all the other yoga asanas. It is a jackpot for all those people who are struggling to lose weight. This advanced yoga asana for weight loss is highly effective and offers great results to all practitioners.

By practising this yoga pose, one can lose weight faster, improve their digestion and respiratory system, enhance blood circulation in the body, boost metabolism, and get rid of thyroid issues. However, individuals with any health problems must consult their health provider before indulging in any intense exercise or yoga poses.

If you don’t have any health issues and are perfect for practising all the yoga asanas for weight loss, here’s how to perform Sarvangasana perfectly: –

  • Grab a yoga mat and lay it on the ground.
  • Lie on the yoga mat and put your arms on the side.
  • Use your arms to hold the waist and lift the body upwards gently.
  • Your legs must be perpendicular to the ground while performing this yoga asana.
  • Make your feet see the ceiling and lock into that position.
  • It’s time to lift your pelvis as well as your back off the floor.
  • Shift your hand from the waist to the back.
  • Form a straight line with your shoulders, legs, feet and pelvis.
  • Use your chin to touch your chest.
  • Try to hold this position for as long as possible.

9. Chaturanga Dandasana - Plank Pose

Chaturanga Dandasana

Last but not least, Chaturanga Dandasana – Plank Pose can help you lose weight faster if you are overweight and want to attain a leaner body. This yoga asana for weight loss can be challenging to perform; however, the benefits you get after excelling in this pose are numerous. This pose can reduce your belly fat faster as it tones your abdomen.

Additionally, the Plank Pose helps you build strength in your wrists, lower and upper back, arms, and abdominal muscles. You can also enhance your stamina by performing these yoga poses for weight loss and developing your core stability. This yoga asana is not recommended for those who have an injury to their shoulder or wrist or are pregnant.

However, if you are keen on trying this yoga pose for weight loss, you must consult your health provider or perform all the exercises and yoga poses under expert guidance.

Final Verdict

Staying healthy in today’s fast-paced world has become a challenge for everyone; it’s hard to maintain a balanced diet that is rich in nutrients. As a result, an ever-increasing number of people are facing a problem called obesity or being overweight. While there are numerous methods to lose weight, practising yoga for weight loss on a daily basis has gained much popularity.

If you are also facing the problem of being overweight, you can also try some of the best poses for weight loss, leverage the ultimate power of yoga, and become healthier and leaner. Yoga asanas for weight loss that can help you lose weight effectively are mentioned in this exclusive blog. You can try those poses to attain a healthy body weight. Keep practising yoga to stay healthy!

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