How Much Does Pest Control Cost In Melbourne?

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Pest infestation is a problem that poses a threat to the well-being of your loved ones and your Melbourne property. No homeowner wants to face nasty pests in their life. However, the problem of pest infestation is increasing rapidly across Melbourne, compelling people to call in for pest control services as soon as possible!

You might be considering availing of pest control services shortly, but do you know pest control costs in Melbourne? The cost of pest control services can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on the severity of the infestation, type of pests, location of the infestation, size of the infestation, and type of treatment required.

If you plan to avail of pest control services soon and are concerned about the costs, keep reading our exclusive blog, which will help you determine the pest control cost in Melbourne and all the other information you need!

Exploring Pest Control Costs in Melbourne

Discover the pricing of pest control services in Melbourne and gain insights into the cost of protecting your home from unwanted intruders.

Average Pest Control Cost in Melbourne

Average Pest Control Cost

People who want to evict nasty guests might be concerned about the cost of pest control. You can expect pest control costs in Melbourne to be between $100 and $300. However, it can go up to $5,000, depending on your property type in Melbourne. Here is detailed information regarding the cost of pest control for various property types:

Type of Property Pest Control Cost
Termite Control for Isolated Area $220-$300
3 BHK Internal & External Spray Treatment $280-$300
4 BHK Internal & External Spray Treatment $300-$400
General Indoor and Outdoor Pest Treatment $280-$350
Exterior Complete Treatment $350-$450
Indoor Flea and Treatment $250-$300
Full Termite baiting and chemical Treatment $2000-$5000
Note: The above list only contains Melbourne’s average pest control cost. For exact rates on pest control, contact your pest control service ASAP!

Common Types of Pests in Households

Common Types of Pests in Households

Now, you know the average pest control cost for different property types in Melbourne. It’s time to determine the pest control cost for different types of pests:


Ants are commonly found pests in Melbourne properties. They infest places where people store food in the house or workplace. Though ants are not very dangerous compared to other types of pests, an excess of anything could be frustrating, and managing it could be difficult. If ants are invading your home, consider availing of professional ant treatment services in Melbourne. The average cost of ant treatment is $160-$330, depending on the severity of the issue you are facing.


During the warm months in Melbourne, people often face the problem of cockroach infiltration. This issue of cockroaches is faced by residential property owners, compelling them to contact a reliable pest control service that can evict all the pests from their homes. These pests dwell in highly humid areas of the houses, such as kitchens and bathrooms. You can avail of cockroach treatment services in Melbourne if you face such problems in your property. It will cost you between $150 and $350.


You should contact a pest control service company without thinking twice if there are many wasps on your property. The wasp sting could be dangerous, and you should not attempt to remove these pests from your house as it could lead to a mishap. Let experienced and professional pest control service providers deal with the problem of wasps on your property. Pest control costs for wasps in Melbourne are between $150 and $250.


Contact a pest control service immediately if you have spotted rodents around your Melbourne property. Rodents can significantly damage your property and cause health issues among your family members. Until the pest control team arrives, you can try some DIY methods for controlling pest infestations, such as sealing the entry points, removing food in the open, and using traps or bait stations. The pest control cost in Melbourne for rodents is between $165 and $440, depending on the severity of the infestation.

Type of Pest Pest Control Cost
Ant Treatment $160-$330
Bee Hive Removal $220 approx.
Cockroaches Treatment $150-$350
Flea Treatment $150-$330
Mice Treatment $165-$440
Rat Exterminator $165-$440
Spider Treatment $280-$550
Wasp Treatment $150-$250


There is nothing to be worried about if you spot common and a few spiders in your home; take immediate action if you spot too many venomous spiders in your Melbourne property. Commonly found spiders in residential properties are harmless and help you with pest control by eating other pests. So, you should only contact the pest control team if you can spot spiders that pose a risk to human health and are venomous. The average spider control and treatment cost is $280-$550 in Melbourne.


One of the most commonly found insects in Melbourne properties is the mosquito, which is despised because it is known to transfer many diseases and make people ill. They make high-pitched sounds when nearby, and if you can hear very high-pitched sounds, there are higher chances of infestation. You should call professional pest control services in Melbourne immediately in case you see a lot of mosquitoes flying around your home or other moist areas, such as lawns or among your plants. Expect to pay the team around $200 for pest control for mosquito infestations.

Bed Bugs

Infestation of bed bugs is a very frustrating thing to deal with, as they survive by feeding on blood, and their bite stops your blood from clotting. Not only does the bite of bed bugs interrupt your sleep, but they can also cause serious health problems, especially for those with allergies to bed bug bites. During an infestation, bed bugs can be found everywhere, from your couch to your bedding. With the help of a professional pest control team in Melbourne, it is possible to get rid of bed bugs quickly.

Factors Affecting Pest Control Cost in Melbourne

Factors Affecting Pest Control Cost

You learned about Melbourne’s average pest control cost from the above information. Let’s dive deep into this section of this exclusive blog to determine the factors affecting pest control in Melbourne for an accurate estimate of your next pest control bill.


The pest controller first conducts surveys to determine the severity of the infestation on your property. Only after that, the pest control team will be able to provide you with an estimate of pest control service costs in Melbourne. The inspection of the pest infestation will cost you around $50 to $120 and will be done by a qualified and experienced pest controller.

Once the pest controller is completely aware of the type of pest infestation, the size of the infestation, and the difficulties involved during the treatment, they will provide you with an estimate of pest control costs. Also, through a survey, the pest control team can prepare the right treatment products and equipment to effectively treat the pest infestation in your house.

By cooperating with the pest controller during the inspection or survey, you can ensure that the survey is conducted swiftly and expect to get the greatest returns on investment.

Property Type

The pest control cost will be affected by the type of property and the size of the area infested by pests in Melbourne. You can also expect a higher cost of pest control if accessing many parts of your property for inspection or treatment is more difficult. Whether you need pest control for your residential or commercial property will also affect the pest control cost.

Commercial properties tend to be larger and more complex, and so does their pest control cost. The pest control team will prepare the treatment material and equipment as per the instructions of the pest controller. If it is too difficult to access the parts of your property for inspection, you can also expect an increase in the inspection cost.


Where your commercial or residential property is located will also affect the cost of pest control in Melbourne. Properties located in rural areas or near rubbish or pollutants have higher chances of pest infestation. These locations require special pest control treatment, ensuring complete elimination of the pests.

Moreover, if you book a pest control service too far from your business location or residential property, expect to pay a higher price for the pest control service. Since the pest control team will travel a lot to reach your destination and eliminate pests from your property, they will add transportation and travel costs to the overall pest control service costs.

Treatment Frequency

While some pest infestations can be treated with only a single visit, others require recurring treatment. Those properties requiring continuous treatment will receive a higher bill for pest control in Melbourne. The recurrence of the visit for treatment will depend on the type of pest infestation and the severity of the invasion.

Property owners who call in for pest inspections regularly and avail of pest control services generally get lower bills for pest control. This is due to their prompt action and proactive approach. If you also get your Melbourne property inspected on a regular basis, you won’t receive a bill for pest control worth a thousand dollars.

Choice of Treatment

Your pest control team will provide you with an assortment of treatment choices, and the treatment you pick will influence the general pest control cost. For instance, if you need an affordable and effective pest control material, you should go for substance medicines instead of fumigation or intensity techniques.

While deciding on the treatment, the homeowner must consider the well-being of their family members and furry friends. You can also consult your pest control team to determine the best treatment for the current situation of the pest infestation. If the situation is severe, you must go for advanced treatment methods.

Tips to Save Money on Pest Control

Tips to Save Money on Pest Control

No one wants to live in a home invaded by pests; indeed, it’s a serious threat to the people living in that space. So, there is no sense in skipping pest control just because of the cost. Instead, you can try our following tips to save money on pest control.

Block Pest Access

One of the best ways to save money on pest inspections is to prevent pests from entering your house in the first place. You have to identify all the possible ways pests can get into your house and find a solution to block them. For instance, if you think that block cracks around the foundation of your house can let rodents or other pests in, block them ASAP.

Windows could be another way of entering for pests; you can keep your windows closed most of the time or use cables to deter pest entry. The garden of your home could also be a point of entry to your house for pests. So, consider clearing your garden often to keep the pests away from your house and prefer shifting your garden far away from the foundation of your dwelling.

Conduct Pest Inspections

You don’t realise how important regular pest inspections are until you call a pest controller and see a colony of different types of pests in your home. So, do not skip regular pest inspections if you want to save money on pest control in Melbourne. During an inspection, you can identify pest infestations in your house and take prompt action to eliminate them.

When pests are yet to breed, it is easier to control and eliminate them and the damage done by them is not significant. However, if there is no pest infestation, you can identify the areas where there are higher chances of infestation and take the necessary steps for the prevention of pest infestation in your Melbourne property.

Solve Problems Immediately (DIY)

In addition to regular pest inspections, you should also keep an eye on the roaches and other pests in your home. You can take steps to prevent the infestation of pests and use safe methods of elimination for pests, such as using traps for rodents, using pesticide spray, and many others.

By doing so, you can eliminate the pests in their initial stage when they are yet to breed, resulting in effective prevention of pest infestation. However, if your home is invaded by dangerous and venomous pests, do not try to eliminate them, as you might get seriously ill or even get injured.

In cases of severe pest infestations, you must connect with a professional pest control team, as they have enough knowledge about how to handle pest infestations.

Hire Professionals

As mentioned above, DIY methods are only effective until there are no signs of severe pest infestations in your house. If you spot venomous and dangerous pests in your home or the situation is out of your hands, do not try to eliminate pests on your own; it can be dangerous for you as well as your family.

You should hire an expert pest control team in Melbourne for the effective elimination of pests from your home. Pest control workers are well-versed in the techniques of pest control and elimination. Professionals know how to handle different types of pests and eliminate them from your home quickly.

Let professionals do their work if you want to save money in the long term. Qualified pest control workers can identify the signs of pest infestation early, helping you prevent infestation and eliminate pests from your home much faster.

Get Multiple Quotes

When pests invade your home and you find them everywhere in your home, from your bedroom to the kitchen and bathroom, you might get panicked and hire the first pest control service provider that comes your way. But that’s not the right way to hire professionals in Melbourne for pest infestations.

Instead, you should relax and focus on finding a reliable pest control service provider with reasonable rates. You can use Google or even do research offline to determine which pest control team is best for your Melbourne property. The first rule of thumb when hiring professional services is to get multiple quotes from companies.

Then, compare the services of each pest control service provider to determine which one has the best to offer you for the minimum amount. Checking the reviews and ratings of each pest control service provider is also necessary. This way, you can find Melbourne’s best pest control company for pest infestations while keeping the cost low.

On the Final Note

Not only do pests damage your Melbourne property, but they also pose a risk to the well-being of your family members and beloved pets. It is essential to eliminate and control pests as soon as possible so that you can live in your dream home without worrying. One of the most effective methods of getting rid of pests is to hire pest control services in Melbourne for your property.

The pest control cost in Melbourne is between $100 and $300 for a single visit. However, it can go up to $5,000, depending on the severity of the pest infestation, the type of pest infestation your property has, the size of your property and your choice of treatment. It is possible to save a significant amount of money on pest control in Melbourne by following the expert tips to save money on pest control mentioned in this write-up.

Hopefully, after reading this comprehensive blog, all your doubts regarding the pest control cost in Melbourne are now clear. Stay tuned for more such information!

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