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Dean Murphy’s “Muggers” is a darkly humorous story that records the escapades of two ambitious medical students, Brad (played by Matt Day) and Gregor (played by Jason Barry), who are having a difficult time making ends meet because of government reductions in educational funding. They are forced to live with a sleazy landlord in a small, dilapidated flat where they must put up with loud neighbours all the time. They are about to give up on their goals since their studies are continuously interrupted.

But then they heard about the lucrative way to earn money. They learned that Marcus Browning (Rod Mullinar), who is presented as a prominent surgeon, pays a good amount for organs, kidneys and livers. And by luck, one businessman crashes to the street at their feet and Brad quickly takes out his kidney and sends that to the Browning for money. With the help of their organ-selling scam, Brad and Gregor are able to pay off their debts and get revenge on various people, including the landlord, the noisy upstairs neighbour, and the owner of the unceasingly shrieking vehicle alarm. However, the moneylender Roy Rogers (played by Chris Haywood) grows increasingly interested in their tricks and starts to wonder where they got their cash from. 

The story continues, full of spices and satisfying the audience with a well-plotted story.   

The star cast of the Muggers movie is quite large. Some of them are – Jason Barry as Gregor O’Reilly, Matt Day as Brad Forrest, Petra Yared as Sophie, Simon Bossell as Nigel Stamford-Street, Caroline Gillmer as Nurse Armstrong, Chris Haywood as George Roy Rogers, Marshall Napier as Professor Charles Lawrence, Rod Mullinar as Marcus Browning and so on. 

This movie received mixed reviews. Some of them offered love, while others found it without any taste. However, this movie made a collection of 13,372 AUD at the box office.  

Movie Name Muggers
Directed By Dean Murphy
Release Date 25 May 2000
Language English
Genre Comedy, Crime & Romance
Duration 1h 37min
Production Country Australia
Production Company Instinct Entertainment

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