Exploring the Best Camping Spots in Sydney

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Sydney is not only a vibrant city but also a starting point for some of Australia’s most beautiful camping areas, all nestled within the stunning scenery of New South Wales. We invite you to come along on this blog journey with us as we explore the wilderness and find the best-hidden treasures Sydney has to offer camping lovers. Our goal is to help you connect with nature and make lifelong outdoor memories by showing you the best places to camp in Sydney, from serene coastal getaways to untamed bushland hideaways. So gather your belongings, pack your spirit of adventure, and let us explore Sydney’s magical camping paradise!

1. Royal National Park

Royal National Park

Situated approximately one hour’s drive south of Sydney’s busy metropolitan area is the stunning natural area known as Royal National Park. Being the second oldest national park in the world, this park holds great ecological and historical significance. It is not just any park, though. Nature lovers and campers alike will find themselves in heaven when they set foot in Royal National Park.

Royal National Park offers a camping experience like no other. Visitors can appreciate the natural beauty of the outdoors at campgrounds like Garie Beach, North Era, and Bonnie Vale. When you camp here, the breathtaking scenery of the park is only a short distance away. Imagine hearing the sound of birdsong greeting the dawn or the crash of waves against the coast when you wake up. It will be really amazing, so if you are planning to go camping in the near future, don’t forget to add this best spot to your list.

Name Royal National Park
Website Visit Website
Distance from Sydney CBD 32.6 km (49 min)
Address 2 Lady Carrington Drive, Audley, NSW 2232
Directions Get Directions
How To Reach By Car: The most convenient way to reach Royal National Park is by car. From Sydney CBD, you can take the Princes Highway (Route 1) south, and within 40 to 45 minutes, you can reach your location.
By Public Transport: From Sydney CBD, you can take a train from Central Station to either Cronulla or Sutherland. The journey typically takes around 30-40 minutes.
Facilities Available Restrooms, BBQ Facilities, Picnic Areas, Camping Grounds, Visitors Centre
Activities Hiking, Swimming, Birdwatching, Picnicking, Fishing, Wildlife Viewing
Notable Features Coastal Views, Lush Rainforests, and Varied Ecosystems
Recommended Season Year-round, but spring and autumn offer milder weather for outdoor activities
Google Review – “Stunning and definitely worth the trip from Sydney. The Bundeena to Ottford walk is sensational, especially with an overnight camp at North Era.” Miki Clarke

2. Lane Cove National Park

Lane Cove National Park

Lane Cove National Park is the ideal option if you are searching for a camping experience that is not too far from the city. Only 14 kilometres from the bustling Sydney CBD, it feels like a tranquil oasis. This park will make you feel as though you are in a whole other world, away from the bustle of the city, the moment you walk inside. You can embrace the peace of nature and leave your worries behind here.

The heart of Lane Cove National Park is the winding Lane Cove River, which adds to the park’s charm. You have two lovely campgrounds to choose from: Lane Cove Holiday Park and Tandara. These campsites are great for spending time outside. There are two options available to you: a leisurely canoe ride along the river or a bush walk along the stunning nature trails. The best part, though? It is possible that you will have the opportunity to interact with some of the friendly native animals of Australia, such as kookaburras and wallabies. Camping here offers the convenience of being both near nature and the city.

Name Lane Cove National Park
Website Visit Website
Distance from Sydney CBD 14.5 km (24 min)
Address 13 Plassey Road, Macquarie Park NSW 2113
Directions Get Directions
How To Reach By Car: Lane Cove National Park is conveniently accessible by car. From Sydney CBD, take the M2 Motorway and exit onto Delhi Road or take Epping Road to Plassey Road.
By Public Transport: You can also reach the park by public transport. Buses are available, and you can check Sydney's public transportation options for specific routes and schedules.
Facilities Available Restrooms, Picnic Areas, Camping Grounds, Visitor Center, BBQ Facilities
Activities Hiking, Picnicking, Birdwatching, Cycling, Canoeing, Fishing
Notable Features Urban Oasis with Natural Surroundings, Lane Cove River, Varied Ecosystems
Recommended Season Year-round. The park is especially lovely in spring and autumn.
Google Review – “Lovely peaceful camp ground set amongst eucalyptus trees, and within easy reach for trains to central Sydney.” – Adrian Payne (Ady)

3. Mill Creek Campground

Mill Creek campground

The peaceful Mill Creek Campground provides a tranquil getaway into the Australian outback, tucked away in the centre of Dharug National Park. This campground, a hidden gem only a short drive from Sydney, offers a unique camping experience. It is the perfect getaway for people looking for a quiet spot from the bustle of the city because of its serene location and calming sounds of nature.

There is a chance to truly connect with nature at Mill Creek Campground. You can camp here under the starry sky and wake up to the harmonious sounds of local birds. With all the essential facilities provided, you can be sure that your camping trip will be comfortable and retain that true bushland atmosphere. Mill Creek Campground provides an opportunity to relax and take in the splendour of the natural world, whether you enjoy hiking, birdwatching, or are just content to enjoy the solitude of the Australian bush. In this location, you can exchange the clamour of the city for the tranquil whispers of the wind in the trees and the glare of the city lights for the brilliance of a starry night sky.

Name Mill Creek Campground
Website Visit Website
Distance from Sydney CBD 82.2 km (1 hr 52 min)
Address 174 Mill Creek Rd, Gunderman NSW 2775, Australia
Directions Get Directions
How To Reach By Car: To reach Mill Creek Campground from Sydney CBD, head northwest on Sydney CBD streets towards the Western Distributor (A4) and then follow the directions marked.
By Public Transport: You can take a bus or train from Sydney CBD to Windsor. Windsor is the nearest town with a train station and public transport access.
Facilities Available Barbecue facilities, Carpark, Public Toilets
Activities Bushwalking, Picnicking, Birdwatching, Stargazing
Notable Features Natural Serenity, Diverse Ecosystems, Hawkesbury River
Recommended Season Year-round
Google Review – “Had a good time at the camp very easy to find the car ferry was free , great place to relax by the camp fire and for stargazing.” – Luke Roffey

4. Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park

Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park

Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, a hidden gem of natural beauty, is located in Sydney’s northern suburbs. For individuals looking for a peaceful camping experience, this park is a treasure. You can escape the busyness of the city here, where the beauty of nature takes centre stage. All types of campers will find it to be a perfect location with its meandering streams, multiple hiking paths, and verdant woodland.

Both the Basin Campground and Resolute Campground are well-liked options for campers in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park. These campgrounds provide the ideal setting for taking in the beauties of nature. Throw a line in the glistening waters to go fishing, cool off in the enticing rivers and lakes, or go on an excursion to see the park’s rock carvings. By giving you a fascinating look into the region’s rich indigenous past, these carvings let you get more immersed in the history and culture of the area. Camping in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park opens up new perspectives on the captivating tales and customs of the past, in addition to the breathtaking beauty of nature.

Name Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park
Website Visit Website
Distance from Sydney CBD 26.5 km (31 min)
Address Kalkari Discovery Centre 402 Ku-ring-gai Chase Road, Mount Colah NSW 2079
Directions Get Directions
How To Reach By Car: Take the Pacific Highway (M1) and then follow signs to the park.
By Public Transport: Bus lines 575, 597, 598, and 8014 stop near Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park.
Facilities Available Picnic Areas, Fishing Spots, Information Centers, Indigenous Rock Engravings
Activities Bushwalking, Picnicking, Fishing, Boating, Wildlife Viewing
Notable Features Indigenous Rock Engravings, Diverse Ecosystems, Stunning Waterways
Recommended Season Year-round
Google Review – “Feel close to nature. Great place to swim or hike and camp.” – Andrew Franz

5. Euroka Campground

Euroka Campground

The Blue Mountains National Park’s Euroka Campground is the ideal location if you are looking for a more remote getaway from the city. This campground provides an authentic Australian bush experience and is well worth the nearly 1-hour drive from Sydney’s central business district. It is a location where you can genuinely escape the bustle of the city and re-establish a connection with nature, nestled in the breathtaking Glenbrook area. The campground at Euroka is unique because it is close to some of Australia’s most recognisable wildlife. You may be able to see possums coming out at dusk, kangaroos hopping around, and colourful parrots bringing bursts of colour to the surrounding area.

However, wildlife is not the only factor. You can enter a world of outdoor experiences through Euroka Campground. You can easily explore the untamed beauty of the Blue Mountains by walking along the many bushwalking trails that are close to the campsite. You may cool yourself on a hot day or just enjoy the peace and quiet of the area by taking a short stroll from the campsite to the lovely Nepean River. Of course, the magnificent Three Sisters—an iconic natural wonder that attests to the astounding splendour of the Australian outback—must not be missed. A destination like Euroka Campground might entice you to leave the city and enter the heart of nature, where every turn offers a fresh experience and every moment is an opportunity to enjoy the wonders of nature.

Name Euroka Campground
Website Visit Website
Distance from Sydney CBD 66.1 km (1 hr 14 min)
Address Fern Glen Walking Track, Blue Mountains Nat'l Park NSW 2787, Australia
Directions Get Directions
How To Reach By Car: Drive to the Blue Mountains National Park and follow signs to Euroka Clearing.
By Public Transport: You can take a train to Glenbrook Station and then use a taxi or shuttle service.
Facilities Available Toilets, Picnic Shelters, Camping Grounds
Activities Bushwalking, Wildlife Viewing, Birdwatching
Notable Features Blue Mountains Scenery
Recommended Season Spring, Autumn, and Summer offer the most comfortable weather for outdoor activities.
Google Review – “Great campground and easily accessible by car. We came here as it rained in the morning so we had the whole Darug camp site to ourselves. There are a good number of fire rings and flat ground to pitch your tents. We saw kookaburras and kangaroos. We also saw a fox or dingo at night.. Might be worth calling up to check for dingo activity.” – William Huynh

6. Bents Basin Conservation Area

Bents Basin Conservation Area

Bents Basin Conservation Area is an excellent option for those seeking a peaceful camping retreat that is not too far from Sydney. It’s easy to get away from the city and into the calm surroundings of this location, which is just 70 kilometres away. Situated directly beside the Nepean River, it offers an idyllic setting for your camping trip, which only serves to enhance its already excellent quality. This is the ideal family-friendly location, with plenty of open space for picnics and water-based activities as well as a secure section where young children may enjoy a cool swim.

It’s all about easy, laid-back camping in Bents Basin Conservation Area. Every necessary item for a comfortable weekend trip is provided at the campsite. Although it isn’t ostentatious, it is cosy and ideal for spending time outdoors. The basic pleasures of life—children playing in the river, families enjoying a picnic, and everyone taking in the splendour of nature—are the main focus here. It’s a spot where you can get away from the city, relax, and enjoy the serenity that nature offers.

Name Bents Basin Conservation Area
Website Visit Website
Distance from Sydney CBD 68.6 km (1 hr 22 min)
Address Bents Loop Rd, Greendale NSW 2745, Australia
Directions Get Directions
How To Reach By Car: Drive to Wallacia, following the signs to Bents Basin Conservation Area.
By Public Transport: Limited public transport options; car recommended.
Facilities Available Toilets, Swimming Area, Picnic Areas, BBQ Facilities, Playground
Activities Swimming, Kayaking, Picnicking, Wildlife Viewing
Notable Features Designated Swimming Area
Recommended Season Year-round, with summer being the most popular season for water-based activities.
Review on Trip Advisor – “Great place to swim and getaway for the day or camp out with the family. Clean camping facilities and grounds! Love it! ” – Rose Sabine – McCarthy

Final Words

Camping in Sydney and the surrounding areas is a great way to get away from the bustle of the city and appreciate the beauty of the outdoors. There is a camping location suitable for any taste, be it the lush bushland of Lane Cove National Park, the family-friendly atmosphere of Bents Basin Conservation Area, the rugged beauty of Dharug National Park, or the coastline views of Royal National Park.

With family and friends, these natural refuges offer an opportunity to unwind, explore, and make enduring memories. Thus, gather your camping supplies, depart from the city, and enjoy the peace and adventure that these locations have for you. It’s time to experience the pleasures of living outside, beneath the skies and among Australia’s beauties.

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